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Your Financial Prosperity Starts with the Right Vision

We help build, manage and preserve wealth for business owner, families and investor reach their Financial Freedom.

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Capital Financial Service

Capital Financial Service provide honest and unbiased professional financial guidance.  The challenge of building and protecting substantial wealth requires expertise and entrepreneurial thinking with a commitment to personal service. One of the ways we offer impartial advice is by applying incentive alignment to the outcomes of our service – a principle we believe is critical to earning clients’ trust and respect.

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Our Promise.

Our clients come first; we don’t have any brokerage affiliation; we don’t earn any investments commissions; we avoid conflicts of interest. Our fiduciary oath encapsulates these principles of honesty and transparency: 

  • We will always put the clients’ best interests first, ahead of our own and those of our firm and its employees. We will act as a fiduciary.

  • We will act with prudence; that is, with the skill, care, diligence, and good judgment of a professional. When selecting investments, we will serve as the client's agent, seeking the best investment at the best prices at all times.

  • While neither we nor anyone can promise superior investment returns, we will provide impartial advice.

  • We will not mislead clients. We will provide full and fair disclosure of all essential facts.

  • We will avoid conflicts of interest. We will fully disclose and reasonably manage in the client's favor, unavoidable conflicts.

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When you understand that your SELF-WORTH is not determined by your net-worth, then you'll have Financial Freedom.

What is your Financial Freedom?

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Building Your Family Protection Plan

Taking Care of Loved Ones

Life is full of uncertainty and the best laid financial plans must account for the unexpected. The loss of a loved one is never imagined, but the loss of a bread-winner for the family should be considered when building a foundation for a secure financial future.  The hard truth is that, without proper life insurance planning, a family or business could experience devastating financial consequences.

Life insurance is a subject that many people try to avoid. Yet, there is no greater expression of love for a family, or no better demonstration of responsible planning than the purchase of a life insurance policy.  The fact is, that life insurance, with its many properties, can solve for several financial concerns that people have.

What’s Your Life Insurance Plan?

Personal & Family Financial Planning

Why Financial Planning is Important

A well-grounded financial plan is essential for anyone who wishes to accomplish specific financial objectives. Whether it be the idea of owning your home (sooner, rather than later!), making sure your children’s education is well funded, or ensuring a smooth and stress-free retirement; all of these seemingly disparate components come together under a unified financial plan.

The scope of an effective financial plan should therefore cover key aspects such as Saving, Budgeting, Investing, Tax planning, Insurance planning, Retirement planning, Estate planning, and much more.

Planning for Business Owners

Business Owner Needs

Growing a business is a difficult undertaking today as business owners must confront a myriad of tax laws and regulations while trying to effectively create products or services, manage their employees, develop and cultivate clients, and do so profitably.

Often times business owners are too absorbed in their business to tend to their own financial needs, and they may also overlook key planning considerations that could help their business grow and prosper. Also, the livelihood of a business owner can be imperiled when unexpected events occur that adversely affect the bottom line of the business.

- Retirement

- Business Succession

- Key Employee Protection

- Executive Compensation

Financial Freedom is available for those who learn about it and work for it.

"The huge mistake that many of us make is to work hard our entire life for money and not require money to work for us in return"- Daniel Willey

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